Friday, June 15, 2007

The plastics do not disappear

Faisal al maashoug
Summary response

In this article "Why plastics and the sea do not mix" by M. Rowland, the author points out that plastic stays a long time, does not disappear and brings a lot of damages to our environment. He shows us that plastic has a big problems, which are that plastic goes everywhere and never goes a way. Therefore, wherever we go, we will be affected by it. He points out that the plastic can increase without showing that and has materials that really do not go away and damage the environment. Next. he claims that plastic cannot mix with the sea because of the chemicals material that just harm the sea. Finally, he points out that global warming is a big issue and is difficult to solve.

It is clear that plastic is a big issue and difficult to solve because the plastic does not ever disappear. The author has good points, and he talked about how the plastic gets in the sea and does not mix or disappear, but he did not mention any solution. So, there are three ways that we should do to avoid plastic problems such as, showing people the problem, using new technology, and stopping fishing.

The first way is to show people the problem that we have been facing because the first thing, getting people attention’s is a great way to solve this issue, for example, show them that we had a bad environment and there are many fish who died from the plastic, and then warn them that if we do not try to keep our environment from this issue we will lose a lot thing. As government we should make a big warning even if it is small problem we ‘d better to make bigger than it is because that will let them care about it, but if we make it small they will ignore it until becomes bigger.

The second way is using the new technologies that most countries have. In these times each country has a lot of new technology and development. So any country can use its new technology to keep the environment from any problem or damage. For example, they can use machines or ships to clean the ocean from the wastes, because most the wastes are not in the deep of the ocean, they are on the level of the ocean and anyone can see them. Therefore, it is easy to take them out with the new technologies.

The third way is to stop shipping for a limited times, for example, stop fishing in the winter is a good way, because the first thing is the fish will increase quickly and the second thing is to let some companies cheak the ocean for the wastes and to filter them. We should do that as any government, because it really will help to keep the environment. For example, if we let people fish all the time what will happen to the ocean? There will be a lot of wastes and the fish will decrease. Therefore, stopping fishing is a good way to protect our environment

In conclusion, we should focus on the plastic waste problem, because it makes us suffer from many things such as the weatherr, the ocean, and the ozone. Therefore, the government should show and tell people the problems that it faces. We should also use our new technologies to protect our environment. As government we should make limited times for fishing. In fact, if everyone cares about the environment, such as food, ocean or anything that is related to our environment then we will have a great life.


Rowland, M. (2007, May 14). Why plastics and the seas do not mix. The Daily Californian. Retrieved June 11, 2007, from Lexis Nexis.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Damages of Plastic Waste

Faisal Al Maashoug
Summary Response

In KTVU News " Plastic wastes creating ocean sized Crisis, the author points out that plastic wastes bring a lot of damages in our environment . First of all, he states that any small piece of plastic that falls onthe beach can not disappeare and makes a lot of problems. According to the senior scientist at the ocean, the plastics waste’s damages which are in the ocean go everywhere and never go a way, so wherever we go we are affected by them. Next, he claims that plastic wastes damage the fish, because some animals eat them and after that the fish are eaten by the animals. Third, he points out that if everybody takes his trash from the beach and makes sure there is nothing that can affect it, after that there will be a good environment.

It is clear that plastic wastes cause a lot damages to the ocean. The author has a valid point, because he mentioned several
solutions that are not good enough. In fact, there are three important solutions for fixing plastic waste’s damages such as, hiring people to take care of the ocean, ticketing people who litter the trash, informing the public.

First of all, we should hair many people to take care of the ocean, for example, clean, and take garbage way from there, because we have a lot of people who do not care about the ocean and leave their trash over there, so it is a good way to save the city of the pollution. In fact, each country has suffered from this kind of problem, because it is impossible to make all people good. Therefore, we have nothing to do to keep our environment from these problems except take care of it.

Second, we should give a ticket to the people who litter their trash and do not care abouttheir health, much less their environment. For example, there are many people who do not care or do not like the government, therefore, they try to do anything that could damage or hurt the government, so we do not have a solution except giving them fines or taking them to jail if they damaged something more than three times. In fact, this issue depends on the government's control, because if government has good control of the people it may not have a lot of problems.

Third, we should have discussion with people as government about anything that happens whether small problem or big problem, because getting people's attention about the problems that we face can really help, for example, we can see what people think about the issue that government has to solve and then take the right opinions. This is good because the government may not find a good solution, so we really need to tell the public and have a nice decision.

In conclusion, we should focus on the problem of plastic wastes because it brings a lot of damages to our environment that we could not solve. Therefore, the government should lets some people work on the ocean to clean or superintend the people who leave their trash that contain plastics. We should also give people who befoul the ocean ticket. As government we should talk to the public about any issue that we have to look at their thoughts and do what we think is right. In fact, if everyone cares about the environment, weather ocean or air or food we will have a great life.


Plastic waste creating ocean- sized crisis.(2006,November 13) KTVU news. Retrieved June 2, 2007, from

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pacific Coast

Faisal al maashoug
Pacific Coast

There are a lot of problems in the Pacific Coast that cause fewer
less fish, and more dead dead birds on the beaches. Most people care about these problems because they are really big issues that people face in these days. There are many problems that cause global warming, but there are also three important issues that really cause some damages in the global warming factories, development, and people’s apathy.

First, the factories are really one of important issues that people face. Most factories make materials or create new things which pollute the coast and make birds suffer, then let them die and cause less fish, for example, there are many people who work to clean or take care of the coast, but the problem is they use several machines to clean,and find the dead fishes and that could damage the water and make bad air. Sometimes the pollution comes from people who do not care about the damages and pollution.Therefore, we should use the machines that do not pollute or damage the coast.

Second, development is a problem that people and government face. As everyone knows, every government would like to develop its city. In fact, that is a good idea that government likes to fix the old things, and create a new things, but, the problem is if the government tries to fix or develop something that is close to the coast, that really will bring some problems because the workers who work to fix absolutely have materials that will damage and fall on the coast and that is one reason that the fish die because if the materials will be on the beach or coast the food that fish eat will not be healthy, so the government should be careful and make sure before doing anything that could affect the Coast.

Finally, people's apathy is one of a biggest problems that we almost can not find a solution for. In addition, there are a lots of people who do not care about the pollution or any damages. For example, there are many people who like to have a picnic over the coast or beach, but the problem is they leave their trash after they ate and had fun. I think there is one solution for this issue that is anyone who does anything that could affect the weather and the pollution should receive a punishment because if the government really does that I am sure that almost no body will do any damages.

Some people say that global warming is the main reason for all the pollution and the damages. In fact, this is not completely right because there are other problems that we have not known yet and the experts have been trying to discover. For example, the rain is one reason that can affect the coast, because it changes the salt water to ground water, and most of us do not know about that.

In conclusion, each issues has a different damages, for example the industry can affect the ozone and this means changing the nice air to bad air, because most factories have a lot of smoke. Moreover, fixing buildings and creating new things affect the water and kill the fishes. Also, people who do not care about the environment cause a lot problems in the coast and in our lives because if everyone cares about the environment and follows the laws, we absolutely will not face any problems.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The directions of winds


There are four directions of winds, and each one has different
meanings. There are also some people who believe that and some not.
It also depends where you are and what is your culture because each
culture has different thoughts of them. the author whose name is
Reed , M explained in(1993/4,December/February)that many people
have believes of the Demons’ gates and gates devil’s doors.
There are different descriptions for each direction and each
one has negative things and positive things. To begin with, the
meaning of the north wind is it brings cold and wet weather and it
is gloomiest. One of its negative it effects European because it
evokes death, darkness, and sadness. There is also positive thing
such as the ancient Egyptians think of it “ Lord of the sweet
breeze, so it depends where you are. The meaning of the south wind
is usually related with summer and good harvests, it increases a
slowing of life's tempo. It is known as rain and has a gentle
reputation, however it has negative which is in a native amarican
folk tale, the south was said to interfere with hunting. In the
east, it is the most dislike, harms crops and causes shipwrechs.
There are many do not like it due to its bad reputation but, in
fact, it still has a good things which are connected with spiritual
matters and rebirth. The meaning of the west wind is the best time
for fishing, storms, and a good weather, but it has a bad thing,
which is related with death and the afterlife because the sun comes
In my country we have believes of the wind directions, but,.
In this time we do not have believes of the meanings of them. The
south of saudi Arabia is very hot, wet, and dry, therefore, we know
it brings hot winds and bad weather but, we do not say for example,
it is for death or something bad or good . The north of Saudi is
very cold, rain, cold winds, and some times snow. The east of Saudi
is very warm,wet, and it usually raining because it is close to the
beach. The west of Saudi is nice weather but, it is always warm, it
does not have any cold. In fact, in my country we have two seasons
which are winter and summer which mean we only cold and hot.
In conclusion, it is traditional way to figure out where the
winds come from and what do they mean?. In these time, most people do not use it , but we still have some people use it.

Reference: Reed, M (1994/4, December/ January). Demon’s gates and
devil’s doors. Weatherwise,38-9.

Modern Technology in Daily life


There are many different ways to use communications, transportations, and entertainment in my country because they depend where you are and what time you were in. In my country we have a big differences between this time and the past year for using Communication, transportations, and entertainment. In fact, what I have seen is communication is most important because everyone use it every day whether use computer or cell phone or anything else could be communication.

First of all, the communications are most important for every one who does not know how to use them because at this time the person who does not know them he is probably uneducated. For example. When you wake up at morning and you want to tell you teachers that you will not attend to school you absolutely will use email or cell phone but, if you look at the past year what people were doing if they want to talk to their family they send latter and it takes about 7 days and it might delivery it might not, we have new technology in out daily life so, it is a big different between this time and past years. If you notice that no one can live without communications because whatever you go you will need them.

Secondly, transportations are also important thing in our life. There are many kinds of transportations such as, cars ,airplane, train, and so many kinds so, most people in this time usually use them however, in the past years they were using horses and camels so, if they want to move or travel to another city it takes about 8 days or mare than 12 days but, in this time in my country we have a good transportations and we can go whatever we want by them. In fact, we still have some people who are from rural city use horses and camels. If you look at your daily life you will notice that you use the new technology every day.

Finally, we have many different kinds of entertainment
In my country such as, soccer, and cards play which is very
Famous. Every one needs entertainment in his life because a there are a lot of free times after you finish you work or you classes so, you need to spend your time anyway or you might get sad. There are also many studies that say if person does not use entertainment he may not live longer and gets older than he is, therefore, they are good and useful for us.

In conclusion, most of people in the world use them because they cannot live and they are nothing without technologies. If you look at how the world has become like this due to them. In fact, we have really good new modern technology, but we are still looking and trying to have newer technology.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Johnny Cash

I went to the website that talks about Johnny Cash. He made songs for prisoneres. The site is very nice because everything is clear. It also contains photos and his story,and it shouws us Johnny's pictuers.It sells his shirt,so you can but it from the site. Most prisoners like him.,because he has nice emothion for them.

In my opinion, he is very popular in the U.S.A. He makes songs for criminals and he also makes prisoners feel good. I know he commited some crimes but they were not a big crimes. I like his songs because uses imaginative words. I would like if his wbsite was bigger than it is,i would love to know if the criminals wrote history about him when he died because i think they should write about him.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Killed Jesse James

I went to website that talked about how what Jesse James did and about how he was killed. He robbed the banks for about 15 years and he has experience robbing the banks. He has four brothers help him to robbe and he is popular in Missouri because he broke the law. Do you know how he was killed? The government said to the people who will catch him or bring him to us, we will give him money.SO, someone was excited to take money. that was the Ford brother. So he killed Jesse and brought him to the government. What do you think the government did to him? They said to, him did you kill him. He said, yes i did, and then the government put him in jail. Do you know why? Because all the residents of Missouri liked Jesse .

In my opinion, I like him because he is smart,brave,and famous. I am interested in how most of the people in his city like him. I think he usually gave the people something from he stole. Also, i think the person who brought Jesse to the government is not smart because he delivered Jesse to Missouri government and most of the people who lived in Missouri like him. Finally, i like the events that were when the person brought Jesse to the government.